Stop and go – adaptation of innovative method in career counseling

Project duration

August 2018 – May 2020

Project aim

Increasing the effectiveness of the professional activation programs offered by 16 local government units / social economy organizations, through the development and implementation of a innovative complex solution.

The project will adapt the Stop and Go group counselling method. Group sessions will allow project beneficiries to exchange suggestions and experience, comparing and clashing ideas and attitudes, stimulating to experiment and change. Thanks to the group, mutual support, grows the feeling of identification of group members, which creates conditions and means for achieving goals. The method was implemented by the project partner in 2009-2014 under a project implemented on behalf of Finnish employment services in medium-sized cities undergoing restructuring processes. Representatives of the local community will be involved in the process of creating and implementing the solution.


Beneficiaries: unemployed persons registered in local employment offices residing in the areas of revitalized cities participating in the project – 80 people

Institutional users:

  1. 8 local employment offices from: Nysa, Prudnik, Kluczbork, Ząbkowice Śląskie, Wałbrzych, Zabrze, Świętochłowice, Jastrzębie Zdrój, 8 representatives – decison makers
  2. 8 Social Economy Organisations and their representatives
  3. 16 career counselors from 8 local employment offices


  1. Preparation of the solution in cooperation with a transnational partner
  2. Testing the solution among the target group
  3. Analysis of the effects of the tested solution
  4. Development of the final product
  5. Implementation of the product
  6. Making recommendations for the future


Spangar Negotiations Co. Finland