Space for development. Adapting the method of integrated career counseling for young people

Time frames

January 2017 – June 2018

Project idea and results

The main goal is to increase the effectiveness of the services provided by 15 labor market institutions to 54 young people in the age 15-29 years old, representing the NEET group, through the development and implementation of a complex solution oriented at the increase of educational and professional potential of young people, due to transnational cooperation, mutual learning and exchange of experience between partners from Poland and Finland, during I.2017-VI.2018.


1) Institutional users: 15 labor market institutions acting for the benefit of educational and occupational activation of NEET people (public and private entities: local and regional labor market offices, private agencies, NGO), from 3 regions in Poland:

  • 15 managing directors from the institutions, involved in project activities,
  • 18 career counselors, trained in HFE method during the project, engaged in testing as users

2) Beneficiaries: people from NEET group, between 15-29 years old, threatened with social exclusion


The project adapted the hope filled-engagement method of N.E. Amundson, developing a counselor’s workshop towards more comprehensive services for the client and accompanying the client in the career development process, i.e. from advisory sessions to employment or continuing education.

The model:

– assumes a flexible approach to the tools and structures of sessions

– focuses on creative building of a professional identity of the client

– integrates other available institutional support services (brokering)
– focuses on solutions, i.e. planning stages, defining goals and practical paths of their implementation
– uses storytelling, visualizations, metaphors, circle tools, etc.
– strengthens the client’s responsibility for making decisions and results of the activation process.

The method allows for the development of consultants’ workshop towards more comprehensive services for the young client and accompanying the client in the career development process, i.e. starting from advisory sessions, up to finding employment or continuing education

Project activities include

STAGE I – Preparation of the solution in cooperation with a transnational partner

STAGE II – Testing the solution among the target group

STAGE III – Analysis of the effects of the tested solution

STAGE IV – Development of the final product and implementation of the product

The planned result of the project will be the implementation of the developed solution into the practice by 15 institutions participating in the project.

The final product

The model of integrated career counseling for your people, which includes:

  1. program of training for counsellors basing on HFE method
  2. scheme of providing counselling sessions according to HFE method
  3. program of supervision sessions
  4. counselling tools basing on HFE method
  5. tools measuring effectiveness of the method
  6. method of working with clients and the sequence of steps

Download the model HOPE AND ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT (Polish version).


Imago Foundation (Project leader), Spangar Negotations Co. Finland.

Source of financing

The project is cofinanced from European Social Found