Personal Assistance Services Center

The model of supporting social care institutions’ tasks in social and professional activation of people with disabilities

Time frames

October 2012 – June 2015

Project idea and results

Project activities put emphasis on expert work elaborating guidelines for legal regulations, especially Social and Employment Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities Act. Our objective was to make personal assistance services a standard service accessible all around Poland, financed by the polish support system for people with disabilities.

Furthermore, a model of PAS Center was worked out – a proposition for NGOs and local governments describing how to start and run a PAS Center.

During the project we launched transnational cooperation with institutions from Denmark and Germany in order to adapt innovative methods of supporting people with disabilities i.e. short break/family relief services. We also shared good practices in personal assistance services. Transnational tasks involved: 4 study visits of experts from Poland in Denmark (2 visits), Germany and Belgium, transnational conference in Poland, publication on short break services in Denmark and Germany.

Results: 76 people received assistance, 8 people received jobs.


The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki (Project leader), Imago Foundation, Municipal Social Care Center in Bielsko-Biala, private company Limes Piotr Bartkowiak.

Source of financing

Project co-financed by European Union from the European Social Fund.