New perspective in career counseling

Adaptation of sociodynamic approach in Polish career counseling

Time frames

June 2014 – June 2015

Project idea and results

The project focused on adaptation and developing in Poland the sociodynamic approach in career counseling. The method was tested in a group of 44 people at the age of 50+ from the region of Silesia, and the objective was to increase professional activity of the participants.

10 career counselors from Poland were trained and prepared to work in the method by the team of experts from Finland (Timo Spangar, Anita Keskinen). The counselors participated in supervision sessions. They also took part in a study visit in Finland where they learned about the labour market system in Finland, best practices in supporting people over 50 years old, and the practical examples of using sociodynamic approach.

Project participants took part in career counseling sessions where they verified their potentials, interests, job market possibilities and prepared the individual maps of life. They also benefited from vocational trainings adopted to their needs.


Imago Foundation (Project leader), The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki, Spangar Negotiations Co. Timo Spangar from Finland.

Source of financing

Project co-financed by European Union from the European Social Fund