Coalition for personal assistance services

Time frames

April 2014 – April 2016

Project idea and results

The project aims at developing personal assistance services for people with disabilities. It was designed as a reply for their needs to participate in social, professional and educational life. The project tasks involve:

  • creating coalition of public and private institutions interested in developing the services
  • disseminating of information concerning personal assistance services among local governments and NGO
  • providing personal assistance services, including innovatory inclusion of children and youth with disabilities
  • supporting local governments and NGO in fullfilling UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Project participants: 50 people with disabilities, 10 personal assistants, 200 representatives from local governments and NGOs.

During the project we have established transnational cooperation with Health & Social Care Department from Sandnes Community – Norway. We’re planning to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of personal assistance and family relief services, and create reccomendations for implementing the services in Poland, basing on the Norwegian solutions. Transnational activities involve study visit in Norway, transnational conference and workshop in Poland, publication with reccomendations.


Imago Foundation (Project leader), The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre, Sandness Commune (Norway).

Source of financing

The project is cofinanced from European Economic Area Fund in the frames of the Citizens for Democracy Programme.