Development of constructive counseling methods and increasing the efficiency of labor market institutions

Time frames

May 2017 – December 2019


15 public and non-public labor market institutions from 4 regions and 84 project participants (adult people without employment).

Main objective

Development of tools for advisers through the use of sociodynamic methods (Vance Peavy approach) and narrative (Norman Amundos approach), derived from the constructivist orientation in counseling


  1. Preparation of the solution
  • 2-day seminar for managers
  • study visit for managers in Finland
  • pre-implementation workshops
  • training for advisers with constructivist methods.
  1. Testing the solution among the target group – a wide group of clients (including people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, women):
  • individual career guidance and job placement for project participants
  • supervision for advisers,
  • participatory workshops
  1. Analysis of the effects of the tested solution
  2. Development of the final version of the product
  3. Implementation of the solution into practice
  4. Developing recommendations for institutions

The innovation in the project is the possibility of adapting the tools during the current counseling process, during which advisers have continuous access to support (consultations from Finnish and Polish experts, supervision, research on the effectiveness of the tools used).


Spangar Negotations Co. Finland (dr Timo Spangar)