Hope and active engagement – the method of integrated career counseling for young people

We have successfully completed the project “Space for development. Adapting the method of integrated career counseling for young people”. During the project we have adapted, tested and evaluated the use of N. Amundson’s career counseling hope based method of Hope filled engagement. The main product of the project is a model of integrated career counseling for young people.

The model proposes the new way of offering career counseling services, starting from the innovative scheme of organizing the process of working with client during counseling sessions, offering new counseling tools which are modernizing traditional conventions in counseling, concentrating on improving the workshop of a counselor by organizing supervision sessions. It is improving the working methods of career counselors and introducing a new quality into career counseling. It is focusing on self-reflection, creativity, flexibility, and  responsibility of a client for constructing his/her career, life.

The solution was tested and implemented in 15 labor market institutions in Poland.

You can learn more about the project here.


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