Project partnership

If you are looking for reliable partner to implement your project in Poland or if you need one in order to develop a new transnational project, please let us know. As an active NGO in the field of employment and social integration, especially regarding people with disabilities, we are willing to share our experiences, contacts, know – how and professionals in order to implement new transnational partner initiatives.

Networking and partner search

We are facilitating contacts among institutions from Poland and abroad. Whenever you are looking for an organisation to join your project or carry a specific activity, we will help you to contact them as we have built a network of over 200 hundred institutions during the last couple of years. We offer networking services for different types of organisations.

Organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences

The services involve comprehensive organisation of events in Poland including arranging the venue, catering, transportation, accommodation, consultation of the agenda, as well as integration program.

Personal assistance services

We offer personal assistance services for people with disabilities who are travelling to Wroclaw. The personal assistance service is customized to specific client. The purpose of the service is to help people to have an active stay in the city. The service is available to people with different kind of disabilities and elderly people.